FAQ – All Weather Coating

Q: What are the advantages of All Weather Coating?

A: All Weather Coating protects your home against moisture damage and major temperature swings. Our coatings are advanced materials in that the top coat reflects 85% of the sun’s rays instead of absorbing it. In addition, ordinary paint cracks leaving your home vulnerable to moisture intrusion that transfers heat into your home. Your All Weather Coating system will shield your home from heat and/or moisture penetration.

All Weather Coatings work in warm clients to reduce rapid heating of your home. This keeps your home more comfortable and keeps your air conditioner from having to work as hard.

Q: Does All Weather Coating come with a warranty?

A: Yes. This is the only coating system of its kind to offer up to a 30 year warranty on labor and materials. This is a non-prorated warranty – it is full coverage for the entire 30 years.

There are also lesser warranties available if you choose a lower level of protection. We will always fully explain your coating and warranty options.

Q: What are the different levels of protection available?

A: There are basically 4 different levels available: Supreme Shield System, Premium Shield System, Super Shield System, and ExcellPaint.

Supreme Shield is the ultimate coating system – you won’t find a better or more comprehensive choice anywhere. It is a 4 layer system. Premium Shield is a 3 layer solution and Super Shield is a 2 layer alternative. ExcellPaint uses the same technologies that we have developed for our coating systems. To learn more details about your options, visit our showroom or click here.

Q: How will my home be prepared for its All Weather Coating?

A: We use an extremely thorough 10-Step Process to prepare your home. We have products specifically designed to clean the exterior of your home, fill cracks, and prepare it for a super strong bond with your All Weather Coating. This is why we can offer warranties that are better and longer than are available for alternative coatings.

Q: What about the landscaping around my home?

A: Where we try our hardest to protect your landscaping, it is crucially important for the customer to understand that we have to dig a small trench around the perimeter of the house in order to comply with the warranty that we offer. It is commonplace in Cayman to have lush landscaping around homes. Where we take the time to care for landscaping, inevitably there will be damage to landscaping due to the equipment that we use. This, unfortunately is unavoidable and part of the process in order to assure that complete coverage from top to bottom is ensured.

Q: What is EZ-Fill?

A: EZ-Fill is our special patching compound that was developed to keep our installations consistent. Powdered compounds are very inconsistent depending on who is mixing. EZ-Fill is better – it is applied directly to the surface with no mixing of water. EZ-Fill is flexible and sandable, making it the perfect patch compound.

Q: Where can I learn more about All Weather Coatings?

A: We have an excellent video that can show you all the basics in a very short time. Click here to see the video.

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