FAQ – Flooring

Q: I’m overwhelmed by the number of flooring manufacturers and flooring choices available. How can I get an idea of what will work best for my project?

A: The short cut to understanding your choices and narrowing your options is to visit our showroom. We have more than 40+ years experience combined when it comes to recommending the right choices for a home’s interior.
A few simple answers to a handful of questions will usually allow us to slim down your choices to something manageable. From there, you will have fun exploring what is possible.

Q: What are the most popular styles of flooring?

A: Hardwood floors are still the most popular. However, we also recommend focusing not on what is popular, but what is right for your interior. Stone flooring and porcelain flooring are both excellent choices as well.
Anyone can have a wide selection, but we can help you sort through that selection to find the perfect solution for you.

Q: Do you have eco-friendly options?

A: Yes. If you are looking for the flooring that was manufactured with the environment in mind, we can educate you on the best choices. One great choice is the Eco line made by Cosentino. This flooring is mainly made up of recycled glassware, windows, sinks, and other assorted recycled materials. It results in a non-porous floor that doesn’t need sealing and is very durable.

Q: Do you offer area rugs and carpeting?

A: Yes. We can help you find a tasteful, quality area rug or carpet that compliments the interior of your home.

Q: I recently saw bamboo flooring and it was really unique and beautiful. Do you have bamboo flooring?

A: We carry Plyboo Flooring – one of the leading manufacturers of bamboo flooring. Bamboo looks and feels like wood, but it’s technically a grass. This means it grows back very quickly and is considered a sustainable product.
Plyboo is doing some amazing things with Bamboo flooring. No company can match Plyboo for the unique looks, patterns, and functionality that they offer in their bamboo floors.

Q: What is the best way for me to see my flooring options?

A: Come to our showroom. We can show you samples and make recommendations, all in a relaxed atmosphere that makes the process enjoyable.

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