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There are some home improvement horror stories out there… and unfortunately, many of them are true. Jobs that drag on forever or huge surprises on the final invoice. Sloppy mistakes that are never fixed. People who don’t have the experience or expertise to deliver on their promises. These things really do happen, and it’s a shame because it adds a lot of unnecessary stress to a project. Sometimes it adds to the expense too – like when you have to hire somebody else to do it right.

Most homeowners are not in a position where they can easily sort through all the claims that are made in the marketplace. After all, you cannot be expected to have expert, insider knowledge of the home improvement industry. So how can homeowners make sure they hire the right company and keep their remodeling dream from turning into a nightmare?

I created the Contractor Standards Guide to answer this question. It shows you accountability standards that you can use to judge any home improvement company. Following the standards in this guide puts you on the path to a happy result; ignoring these standards can lead to serious disappointment.

I realize you might question whether the owner of a home improvement company could create an unbiased guide for comparing contractors.

All I can say it take a look at it. Since the guide is FREE, you have nothing to lose and you have no obligation after you read it. Not only will you find objective standards to measure any home improvement company, you will also find key information about us. We hold ourselves to the same standards and publish proof of our claims in the Contractor Standards Guide.

Download our Contractor Standards Guide to see more (coming soon).
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