Introducing The Revolutionary Coating That Protects Against Moisture And Excessive Heat

All Weather Coating (AWC) Is The Leading Manufacturer Of High Performance Protective Coatings

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Moisture can do silent damage to your home. Heat and weather will crack paint over time. Sometimes it is barely visible, but moisture will still penetrate these cracks during rain storms. When the sun returns, heat will be transferred through that moisture into your home. And that moisture can also do significant damage to your home over the long haul.

In addition to moisture, hot climates can see uncomfortable swings in temperature inside your home. Even if air conditioning masks this to some degree, the more your home’s internal temperature heats up, the harder you’re air conditioning unit will have to work to keep your home comfortable.

All Weather Coating Solves These Problems – Blocking Moisture, Reflecting The Sun’s Rays And Stopping Rapid Temperature Swings.

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You will be able to choose from 4 different options that each provide a different level of protection for your home – see below for details.

Our installation process is thorough – no matter what system you choose we use a 10-Step Process to prepare your home for its new protective coating.

To ensure the best possible result, we start by thoroughly cleaning your home with Cleanse 360, our exclusive All Around Cleaner that prepares the surface of your home by removing all dirt and grime and killing mold and mildew.

We apply SureBond – the Glue That Holds It All. This makes sure that the coating applied to your home will be locked onto the exterior for maximum protection.

Next comes EZ Fill to fix any cracks that developed before you used All Weather Coating.

You can then select the layer of protection that best works for your home:

Supreme Shield System – This is the ULTIMATE of all coating systems available anywhere. Four layers of protection and a 30 Year Warranty. This warranty covers labor, material and is full coverage for the entire 30 years – not prorated.

Premium Shield System – Here is a 3 layer alternate coating system that still offers great protection. You get a non-prorated Full 10-Year warranty on labor and material.

Super Shield System – This 2 layer solution is an excellent alternative to a paint job and also is superior to the typical 2-layer systems such as ceramic based options. Our highly reflective SolaShield can also be added for more shielding from harsh sun rays. You get a non-prorated 7-Year warranty on labor and material.

ExcellPaint – We use our excellent preparation process that we do for all our systems. Plus this paint was developed from the same technologies as our coating systems. Not as much protection as our Coating Systems, but still a leap forward from ordinary paint. You get a non-prorated 5-Year warranty on labor and material.

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