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Hardwood Flooring

Few things can match the classic timeless beauty of hardwood floors. Not all hardwood floors are alike though. Years ago most people chose either maple or oak – and while those can still be great choices there are many other options available today. Some of the exotic hardwood floors such as Brazilian Cherry and Santos Mahogany have become popular because of their durability and stunning appearance.

Lots of factors contribute to the look of your hardwood floor. Not only are there many different species of wood to choose from, but the cut of the wood can give very different looks even within the same species. Thin and wide planks, for example, look completely different.

Other details you have to consider include type and color of stain, the pattern and placement of the wood planks, whether to use decorative elements such as borders and inlays, and much more.

You can visit our showroom to compare and contrast the different looks. We’re happy to answer any questions you have – or leave you alone if you just want to browse.

For that warm “homey” feel you simply cannot beat hardwood floors.

Porcelain – Both Large And Small Formats

Porcelain flooring continues to grow in popularity. Porcelain tiles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that allow you to create virtually any pattern or design.

Porcelain is typically less expensive than natural stone and offers more protection against stains and moisture. Porcelain tiles come in a huge range of colors, textures, and patterns. You can even find tiles that look remarkably similar to natural stone such as limestone, marble, or granite.

When shopping for porcelain flooring it’s very important to remember that not all porcelain has the same hardness rating. You want to make sure the porcelain you buy is durable enough for its intended use. Any designer who regularly works with porcelain can point you to the right choice.

Stone Flooring

Nothing can match natural stone for that one of a kind custom floor.

This is literally true. Natural stone is excavated from quarries all over the world and every piece of it is unique in some way. You can come to our showroom and we can show you samples of some of the world’s most gorgeous stones – Marble, Granite, Limestone, Travertine, and others. But the floor that’s installed in your home won’t look exactly like what we show you. It will be close – but not identical.

Some types of natural stone are harder than other types. Some are more resistant to moisture and stains. While all natural stone needs to be sealed, some needs sealing more than others. When choosing a stone for your floor you need to consider these characteristics. Granite, for example is harder and less porous than Marble, which makes it a better choice for kitchen floors, which are typically heavily trafficked and prone to spills.

The look you can achieve with natural stone can be absolutely stunning. It’s not uncommon to combine two or more types of natural stone in custom designs and patterns. Whether you like a shiny high gloss finish, the more honed matte finish, or even the antique look of an acid washed finish you can achieve virtually any look.

Just make sure you are working with an experienced professional who understands the nuances of each type of stone.

Area Rugs

There is no quicker way to transform the look of a room than with a carefully selected area rug.
Interior decorators and designers love area rugs – and with good reason. When you walk into a room with an area rug your eyes will automatically be drawn to the area with the rug. It frames whatever part of the room it’s placed in and immediately creates visual interest.

Placing an area rug on a hard floor is a great way to soften it up and make it much more comfortable. Area rugs can be placed over stone, tile, wood, or even regular carpeting if you choose.

In addition to making your floor softer, one additional benefit is that an area rug will actually protect the floor underneath it. This is a very popular option for rooms with wood or stone floors that have a lot of activity.

You can find an area rug to match any style and décor. Whether you like flamboyant bright colors or something subtle and calming – there are lots of choices.

Area rugs are typically made from natural materials such as wool, silk, cotton, or grass fibers such as sisal. Whatever your taste and budget you can find an area rug that you will love. Many of us have more than one in our homes.


Carpeting remains one of the most popular types of flooring.

There are thousands of styles to choose from. You can have bold patterns which are the focus of a room or you can have a more subtle color which serves as the foundation for your decorating.

Carpeting has some unique benefits that no other type of flooring can match. It allows you to customize the comfort and feel of your floor unlike any other type of flooring. Carpeting can be very thick and plush, very thin and short, or somewhere in between. Whatever is most comfortable for you.

Another benefit is that carpeting offers better traction and protection from falls than other types of flooring. This is particularly helpful for young children, seniors, and anyone with mobility issues.
Yet another benefit of carpeting is that it does a fantastic job absorbing sound. Carpeting absorbs sound from televisions and other devices such as stereo and home theater systems. There is a reason why every movie theater has carpeting. If you have more than one floor in your home or office, carpeting will provide a great sound barrier between floors.

Whether you are looking for carpeting for one room or for your entire home or office you can find lots of choices at all price points.

Some Of The Leading Brands We Carry


Plyboo is one of the leading manufacturers of bamboo flooring. While bamboo looks and feels like wood, it’s technically a grass, so it grows back very quickly and is considered a sustainable product.

Plyboo is doing some amazing things with Bamboo flooring. It’s not unusual to see bamboo flooring that looks like wood, but no company can match Plyboo for the unique looks, patterns, and functionality that they offer in their bamboo floors.

Eco by Cosentino

Eco by Cosentino is one of the most unique and beautiful flooring products available. When you look at it you see a stunning floor that looks a lot like natural stone. In fact, Eco by Cosentino does contain a small percentage of natural stone. It also contains quartz and the corn based resin created by the company. But the bulk of Eco by Cosentino – 75% in fact – is made up of recycled glassware, windows, sinks, and other assorted recycled materials. The result is a non-porous floor that doesn’t need sealing and is very durable. A beautiful and unique product that you can also feel good about.

US Floors

US Floors offers three different types of unique, sustainable flooring.


Bamboo is a beautiful product that looks like wood, but is great for the environment because it grows back so fast. US Floors carries a wide range of bamboo flooring in different styles.
Engineered Hardwood Flooring

The Castle Combe floor line from US Floors is an engineered wood product that uses natural oils to last longer and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as being environmentally responsible. It comes in an antique, distressed style.


The final sustainable product offered by US Floors is cork. Cork is extremely comfortable to walk on and is naturally resistant to pests as well as mold and mildew. It comes in many styles and is recognized as a sustainable product.


Anderson offers several lines of engineered wood flooring. They have been around since 1946 and were known for being environmentally friendly before anyone even heard of the phrase “environmentally friendly.” Anderson has been awarded three different certifications recognizing their efforts to create sustainable hardwood products.

Anderson is also known for the stunning beauty and cutting edge of their flooring designs and stains. They are an industry partner of the American Society of Interior Designers and are respected worldwide for their beautiful floors.


Armstrong is one of the leading hardwood floor manufacturers in the world. They offer hundreds of wood flooring styles to choose from. Whether you want traditional choices like maple or oak, or some of the more exotic woods like Santos Mahogany or Brazilian Cherry, Armstrong has the flooring for you.

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